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Omniscient Neurotechnology

About Omniscient Neurotechnology

With a mission to improve the lives of billions through brain network data, Omniscient Neurotechnology is revolutionising future brain care, using AI technology to map brain networks and help find the root cause of brain health problems that have, until now, been a mystery.

The Challenge

Headquartered in Australia, Omniscient Neurotechnology had a number of very senior contractors spread across Europe which it wanted to convert to employees. Its team approached PeoplePay Global to help them achieve this, and also consolidate European payroll into one simple process.

The team needed to convert its European contractors onto local payroll. It initially signed up with PeoplePay to create in-country payroll solutions for six countries that would allow it to swiftly, legally and compliantly employ contractors. As the contractors converted into employees, the PeoplePay team onboarded them, setting up our client as a registered employer for each region, creating full payroll solutions as required in Ireland, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Our Solution

We registered our client in each region and set up a corporate payroll system, guiding them to help ensure they were legally compliant in their territories. Once we had the registrations in place we processed the payroll. Our client provided us with the data we needed, and we produced a set of locally compliant payroll reports that showed full costs to run payroll, net salaries and tax. We consolidated the entire workforce payroll into a single payment on our side, producing a document that combined and consolidated all funding requirements for their global payroll.

When we receive payment from our client we move the money within each country, apply all net salary, tax, social security and benefits calculations and manage the entire process. The process was so user friendly that our client ultimately moved its larger Canadian payroll of nine employees over to us from a competitor. In the process we audited its Canadian payroll and were able to create some accruals, absorbing the pay run into our overall process.

Our solutions have made it much easier for our client to manage international payroll. Our contact now has only to speak to their dedicated Account Manager to coordinate monthly global pay, with a simple process across all territories and the ability to make one consolidated payment. All we require is an email each month detailing payments for each country, and we do the rest.

PeoplePay made it easy for us to convert contractors in a number of countries onto a local payroll compliantly and quickly. In fact, they made the process so painless that we expanded our portfolio with them. Our international payroll is now a simple single, consolidated payment managed by our PeoplePay Account Manager."

Omniscient Neurotechnology

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