No-fee, hassle-free Corporate Payments

Across the world, businesses process millions of international payments daily. Choosing PeoplePay to move your money removes the hassle and setbacks associated with using banks.
The Solution

Pay with PeoplePay

From contractor transfers to accounts payable and employee wires, PeoplePay is the only solution you need for your global corporate payments.

Global reach

Fast, free and with truly global reach, PeoplePay can provide a hassle-free solution for all your global payment processing needs.

On time, every time

We help you pay on time, every time, no matter where in the world your transfer is.

Single point of contact

An extension of our global payroll service that’s free for all our customers to use, with a single point of contact and support you can rely on.

Consolidated payment

Multiple employees across multiple countries? Consolidate all your payments into one single transfer to us, and we’ll do the rest.

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