Frequently Asked Questions.

Want to understand whether PeoplePay is the Global Payroll partner you need? Our FAQs may provide an at-a-glance answer.
  • 1. What do you do and how can you help me?

    PeoplePay Global is a single solution for all your global expansion needs. We help small, medium and large businesses expand efficiently and painlessly into new and unfamiliar territories, or consolidate their international employees under one roof.

    We offer a fully managed ‘high-touch’ service and allocate a dedicated Account Manager to each client.

    With local teams in over 140 countries who ensure our clients are compliant, we can provide:

    • Global Payroll
    • EOR (Employer of Record) / PEO (Professional Employer Organisation)
    • Global Payments
    • Global HR Consulting & Services
    • Global Benefits & Compensation
    • Global Company Formation, Management & Accounting Services
  • 2. Is there a minimum number of employees you can work with?

    No. Partner with us and you’ll be able to run payroll for just one employee, or as many as you require.

  • 3. Does your price vary by country?

    Yes, it does—because we put clients first. We don’t believe in a ‘one price fits all’ approach as this could leave you paying costly fees for a country that:

    • Is a cheaper region
    • Has lower operational expenses
    • Involves less work from our side due to lower processing complexity

    Applying the same price across the board ultimately inflates fees for certain regions, and that’s an approach we don’t agree with. And with PeoplePay, excellent service is standard regardless of the territory.

  • 4. Does PeoplePay handle payments?

    Yes! Timely payment to your employees, the tax authorities and any third parties is vital in supporting staff morale and your business’ reputation.

    With PeoplePay, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of a consolidated single remittance in your domestic currency to cover all your global payrolls. We then take care of your employees’ salary payments and your tax and third-party payments.

  • 5. What’s the difference between Payroll and EOR / PEO?

    The main difference between payroll and EOR / PEO comes down to whom assumes legal responsibility of your employee.


    With our Global Payroll service, we set you up as the legal employer for your employees in-country.

    Some regions require companies to have a legal entity in order to employ and run a payroll. If you don’t already have a legal entity in-country, we can help you set one up.

    That being said, there are many regions which do not require you to have a legal entity to employ and run a payroll. In these locations, PeoplePay will register you as a foreign employer with the tax authorities, and begin paying your employees from there!

    EOR / PEO

    With our EOR / PEO service, we use our in-country legal entity to employ your employees. This ultimately means that we are the legal employer of your staff members in that territory, as they are added to our payroll.

    This does not mean we have control over your employee activities – you remain in charge of the work they carry out. We’re just in the background handling the back-office duties.

  • 6. What are the benefits of having a Global Payroll?

    You will be the legal employer of your overseas staff, and their employment contract will be between you and your employee.

    The ongoing charges for a global payroll tend to be much cheaper than the EOR / PEO service, as there is less liability involved. This is particularly the case where you hire more than one employee, as you won’t have additional setup fees to pay.

    You have more control over essential processes and your company culture remains intact for your overseas employees—without outside influences.

    When considering insurance and benefits, you have the freedom to pick whichever provider you wish to use and can enjoy the freedom of switching providers later if you want to.

    Global Payroll allows you to offer continuous employment to your overseas staff without any breaks. Some territories only allow an EOR / PEO to run for a certain amount of time before a break in EOR / PEO employment must take place, or you’re required to move the employees over to full employment under your business permanently.

    If you’re ever left in a position where your employees leave and there is no one left on the payroll, you can keep the payroll scheme open and file nil returns until you find a replacement. This avoids further setup fees from occurring than if you were to close the payroll scheme down.

    When moving between providers, payroll is much easier to move and your employee remains unaffected throughout (unlike EOR / PEO services where the employee would need to be terminated from one provider and re-hired under another).

  • 7. What are the benefits of having an EOR / PEO?

    With an EOR / PEO solution, you’ll enjoy reduced liability as we assume legal responsibility for your employee.

    In countries where a legal entity is required, you can avoid costly setup fees as your employee will be employed under our in-country legal entity instead.

    The onboarding process is much faster with this solution, as the employee will be added to our existing payroll. This means company registrations are already in place; we just need to build the information for your employee onto our software, and get them added to any insurance or benefit policies.

    With the EOR / PEO solution, it gives you an opportunity to test the market for a while and see how successful your business can be in that territory, before committing to registering your business in-country.

    You can enjoy faster onboarding processes and cheaper rates when it comes to insurance and benefits, as we already have the schemes set up for a number of employees, which significantly reduces the premiums you would pay if you were to set up policies and benefits from scratch with a smaller headcount.

  • 8. Why is EOR / PEO more expensive?

    The reason this solution is more expensive than the global payroll service is because we assume legal responsibility for your employee. There is therefore more liability on the PeoplePay team than there would be under the global payroll model, while the maintenance involved in employing your staff under our business means more administration for our team.

    Additionally, a higher headcount means higher insurance premiums for our company.

  • 9. How long will it take you to set up your services?

    The lead time for implementation varies depending on the service you opt for and the applicable region. Generally speaking, the EOR / PEO service takes between 1-2 weeks to set up. Our Global Payroll service can take anywhere between 1 – 10 weeks depending on the territory.

    Other factors that can significantly affect lead times include how quickly our clients are able to provide the information we request and how quickly local authorities manage processes and administration at their end.

    Contact us today to get an accurate lead time estimation based on your specific requirements.

  • 10. How much support do you provide?

    You can relax knowing you’re taken care of with PeoplePay, as we provide a fully-managed service.

    Your dedicated Account Manager will be on hand to assist you at every stage of the process. Simply let us know what you want to include in the payroll reporting and we’ll process the calculations and reports for you. Once we get your approval, we’ll request the funds from you to pay your employees and any third parties. Finally, we’ll issue your employees with their pay slip.

    Got a payroll question? Need some HR or Employment Law advice? No problem! Just reach out to your Account Manager and they will handle the rest.

    Our ethos is to remove as much of the burden from our clients as possible: our job is to make your global workforce management smooth and efficient, simplifying the complexities and removing tedious administration, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

  • 11. Why should I choose PeoplePay over your competitors?

    Customer experience is our number one priority.

    Each PeoplePay client is appointed a dedicated Account Manager who will understand their business and provide all the support they need. We pride ourselves on delivering a personable customer experience and we believe it sets us apart.

    We don’t hide behind software and you’ll never struggle to get hold of us.

    We understand how daunting it can be to operate in foreign countries, especially when compliance is vital. You need someone you can trust to compliantly and effectively look after your employees. The care we take in doing our job will enhance your employee morale and employer brand.

    Many global payroll providers resort to automated internal processes and impersonal service. We work hard to provide something we think is much better—and we’re proud of it.

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