Global EOR / PEO:
A low-risk way to test the market

Outsourcing your employment to an Employer of Record (EOR) / Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) gives you the benefit of testing the market in new territories without the risk.
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EOR and PEO are terms that are often confused and used interchangeably. Our EOR / PEO service means we employ staff on your behalf under our legal entity – saving you the hassle of setting up your own locally.

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What is an EOR / PEO?

An EOR / PEO enables employers to expand their workforce and hire overseas at low risk.

The EOR / PEO service means we directly employ our clients’ staff, allowing them to outsource the technical, legal, HR and payroll-related requirements of employment in a foreign country.

We hire your employees, becoming the employer of record within the relevant territory and allowing you to get on with the task of the day-to-day management of your employees while we handle the technicalities and legalities of employment locally.

An EOR / PEO can make it easier to hire and manage a workforce in distant locations where a legal entity is required. Hiring your employees under our legal entity enables you to dip your toe into new markets before committing to the setup of your own legal entity, which is often expensive.

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The Benefits

Why use an EOR / PEO solution?

Reduced costs and complexity

Avoid the expensive outlay and complexity of setting up a legal entity if you have only one employee or a few employees in a new region.

Lower risk

As experts, we will bear the responsibility for employment while you manage your employee/s and have an ordinary employer/employee relationship with them.

Relief from liabilities

An EOR / PEO frees an employer from needing to set up their own in-country payroll and relieves them from handling local taxation and employment law matters. We’ve got it covered.

Legal compliance

We ensure all legal and compliance issues concerning your local hires are managed in line with local law, and we ensure your employees’ payroll is processed correctly.

Fast set-up

The set-up time is quick for an EOR / PEO, because we’re onboarding your staff on to our already-established payroll. Easy!

Managed staff benefits

The EOR / PEO offers access to our benefits, helping you to retain the best talent – and if desired, we can help you setup additional benefits for your staff.

Why do our clients like EORs / PEOs?

Reduced liability and resources to meet your staff’s needs

Our EOR / PEO clients enjoy the fact that they are not a legal employer within a given region, and as such are relieved of relevant local liabilities. They also enjoy using our teams’ resources for the fundamental HR functions, as well as easy and quick access to benefits.

Trial new locations

An EOR / PEO also allows our clients to easily trial new locations and employees before committing to a more permanent solution on their own global payroll.
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Working with PeoplePay feels like we have an extended HR and Payroll team in Portugal that is equally dedicated and meticulous about the work. They really made expanding our business to a new country seamless. The team there, and especially our Account Manager, consistently goes above and beyond.
Vivian Lee – SVP, People Innovation, Arkadium
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PeoplePay are extremely efficient and professional at all times. From the very start of our working relationship with them, they went beyond the call of duty to meet a tight set-up deadline. Their level of service is second to none and they have expertise in a vast range of employment issues.
Raspberry Pi
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PeoplePay have been a wonderful support for our international expansion. We partnered with them because we wanted a service provider for our payroll and HR compliance needs and they have been exactly that. Highly recommend.
Astrid & Miyu
PeoplePay made it easy for us convert contractors in a number of countries onto local payroll compliantly and quickly. In fact, they made the process so painless that we expanded our portfolio with them. Our international payroll is now a simple single, consolidated payment managed by our PeoplePay Account Manager.
Omniscient Neurotechnology
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