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An at-a-glance guide to just some of the challenges we resolve for our clients.

My company just hired someone in a foreign country and I’m responsible for payroll and related compliance.

Where do I begin?

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Set up and administration

We’ve got it covered. We can set up a payroll, draft a locally-compliant employment contract, register for tax purposes and manage any other mandatory administration.

Legal registrations

If you opt for our Global Payroll service we’ll register your business with local authorities. If it’s a country that doesn’t require a legal entity then we’ll complete a foreign employer registration for you. If a legal entity is required, we can help you set one up.

Employment agreements

Then we’ll draft an employment agreement for your employee in line with local laws and regulations. We’ll take care of the setup of any other mandatory requirement, such as insurance, on your behalf.

EOR / PEO management

If you opt for our EOR / PEO service, where we employ an individual on your behalf, we’ll draft the employment agreement for your employee in line with local laws and regulations and we’ll add your employee onto any other mandatory policies or benefits that we hold.
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We employ people in several different countries and our in-country payroll is spread across many local suppliers.

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Dedicated Account Manager

We can help you consolidate your global payroll into one English-speaking supplier with one point of contact and a dedicated Account Manager.

All bases covered

With teams spread across over 140 different countries and an offering of both global payroll and Employer of Record / Professional Employer Organisation services, you’ll never need to look anywhere else.
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Our employee(s) want to relocate to another country but we don’t want to lose them.

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The right solution

No problem. We can provide a long- or short-term solution based on your individual requirements.

Employment agreement transfer

We’ll set you up with the right payroll solution (whether it’s Global Payroll or EOR / PEO), and help you draft a new employment agreement to cover local legislation. And we can still add some of your company’s policies to the agreement, providing they are deemed lawful locally.
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We need to move from one form of payroll to another.

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Payroll switches

No problem. If you’re ready to move away from one type of payroll to another (i.e. if you want to employ your contractors or move from an EOR / PEO to your own payroll - or vice versa), we can do that for you.

Payroll takeovers

If you’re dissatisfied with your current provider, we can also handle takeover payrolls.
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We’re dipping our toes into a new territory and need to hire abroad at low risk.

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Foreign employer

With many countries allowing a foreign employer registration, we can get you set up and process your global payroll compliantly for you.

Employer of Record / Professional Employer Organisation

If the country you’re expanding into requires a legal entity in order to employ and run a payroll but doesn’t accept foreign employer registrations, we can get you set up on our EOR / PEO solution, where your candidate is employed under our in-country legal entity. It’s the perfect way to test a new market at low risk.
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