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With PeoplePay, navigating the complex and ever-changing global payroll regulations has never been easier.

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Guaranteed Compliance

Robust, compliant payroll and hiring supported by a dedicated Account Manager.

Local Expertise

Avoid international payroll and hiring pitfalls including language barriers, regulations and employment laws.

Lower Costs

Reduced administration, no need for an in-country team, and consolidated, outsourced payroll.
"PeoplePay’s expertise in global payroll, their local knowledge and reach is second to none."
- HR Business Partner, Transport company

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Global Payroll

Get peace of mind with a streamlined, fully-managed payroll solution for one employee upwards.

Global HR

Helping you hire compliantly, steering you through the local HR laws and regulations in over 140 countries.

Global Payments

Consolidated, one-wire transfers to cover your entire global workforce - at competitive rates.

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Hiring Globally?

Whether you’re looking for services in Austria, Botswana, Hong Kong or New Zealand, our dedicated English-speaking specialists will be there to assist with your expansion.

International Payroll Solutions

International Employer Responsibilities

With ever changing-legislation comes ever-changing requirements around the world. Here are some examples of the many tasks we handle on your behalf:

  • Local Monthly Tax Submissions
  • Strict Employment Legislation
  • Funds/Currency Movement
  • Company Registrations
  • Local Compliance
  • Up-to-date information that may affect your business

Worldwide payroll coverage

With payroll services in over 130 different countries, we’ve got your company covered when it comes to global expansion. We offer multiple methods of payroll, ranging from legal entity setups to foreign registrations to PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) services. With the most comprehensive and cost-effective service on the market, PeoplePay offers a dedicated account specialist who will get you up and running in no time.

Services for companies of all sizes

From one employee upwards, our service is suitable for companies of any size. Whether you’re a small business looking to expand into a new country, or a large multinational corporation looking for a new provider to handle a large global presence, PeoplePay can assist. Our specialists have years of experience across all industries and company sizes, meaning you can rest assured that you will experience the most complete service in the payroll market.

Swift market entry with 100% local compliance

As one of the top payroll outsourcing companies, we offer 100% local compliance, ensuring your company abides by local legislation at all times. Our experts will guide you through your options and provide the best possible route for market entry.

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Global Payroll and HR Solutions

PeoplePay Global are here to assist with all your Payroll and HR requirements.

In-Country Employment Contracts

Creation of locally-compliant global employment agreements, ensuring you and your employees are protected in-country. Our experts will create your bespoke agreement.

Payroll Processing

With global knowledge and local proficiency, we provide a fully-managed payroll solution that handles all the complex tasks, leaving you to focus on your business.

Tax and Labor Law

Complex and widely different global legislation can be daunting. Our in-country specialists are an extended member of your team, steering you safely through tax and labor law.

Regulatory Compliance

Our in-country professionals provide a wealth of experience and expertise in Payroll & HR compliance, ensuring your venture complies with ever-changing legislation.

Start-Up Implementation

We’ll ensure you’re operational promptly in accordance with local law, advising on the best route for your business, whether it’s via a legal entity or foreign registration.

Declarations and Audits

Our global specialists will manage and submit annual declarations on your behalf, guaranteeing accurate and prompt reporting to the authorities and also providing support for audits.

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“Fantastic support from my Account Manager that made the process a lot easier than I imagined.”


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“The service from PeoplePay was second to none, and removed a lot of the burden of setting up payroll abroad.”

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“First class advice, trusted knowledge and guidance and easy to get hold of. Highly recommended.”

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Workforce Management Consultancy

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